Venue Hire

At the Rainbow Centre, we open our doors to you, offering a variety of flexible and inviting spaces that cater to a range of needs. Whether you’re planning Courses, Workshops, Meetings, or Parties, we’ve got the perfect space waiting for you.

Discover Our Versatile Spaces:

We take pride in offering two distinct spaces available for hire, each designed to accommodate your unique requirements. And guess what? We’ve got special rates just for our cherished community groups, charities, and regular users.

🌟 The Main Hall: A grand canvas for your vision. Whether it’s a vibrant party, an informative workshop, or a gathering of minds, our Main Hall is ready to welcome you. With its spacious layout, it’s perfect for accommodating larger groups. The flexibility of this space allows you to transform it to match your event’s atmosphere.

🌟 Café: For more intimate gatherings, our Café provides a cozy environment. Our small yet professional equipped kitchen and café counter stand ready to support your catering needs.”

🌟 Outdoor Adventures: Who says learning can’t be fun outdoors? Our basketball court offers a dynamic space for engaging outdoor activities that can infuse energy and excitement into your event.

Catering Convenience for Your Event:

When you choose the Rainbow Centre for your venue, we offer you access to our café and kitchen facilities, allowing you to facilitate your own catering arrangements. You have the freedom to bring your catering ideas to life and ensure your guests are well taken care of during your event. Our well-equipped café and kitchen area are here to support your catering needs, giving you the flexibility to create a culinary experience that aligns perfectly with your event’s theme and requirements.

Tailored to Your Needs:

Whether you’re looking to hire the entire building or just a specific space, we’re here to accommodate your preferences. From hosting weekend meetings in the hall to small gatherings in the Cafe, we offer the flexibility to match your event’s requirements.

Not Sure Which Space?

If you’re unsure which space would best suit your event, we invite you to visit us. Our doors are always open, and we’d be thrilled to give you a personal tour. Feel free to explore our spaces and discuss how we can tailor them to bring your vision to life.

Contact Us:

Ready to make the Rainbow Centre your venue of choice? Let’s start planning together and we’ll guide you through the process, ensuring your event at the Rainbow Centre is a memorable success.

Please call 020 8441 9837 for enquiries and bookings.

We are often very busy and can’t always make it to the phone in which case the contact form below is a great way to get in touch with us.

Your event deserves a special space. The Rainbow Centre is here to provide it.


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