Rail Pastors

We’re excited to share a heartwarming initiative that’s making a real difference in the lives of travelers. Allow us to introduce you to our award-winning Rail Pastors scheme.

What’s the Rail Pastors Scheme?

Imagine having a friendly face and a helping hand when you need it the most – that’s what our Rail Pastors are all about. Our specially trained volunteer teams are right there at railway stations during late hours and weekends. They’re not just passengers; they’re a beacon of support, ensuring the well-being of travelers and working to prevent self-harm.

Why Rail Pastors Matter

At the heart of our Rail Pastors project is a simple yet powerful idea: compassion. We understand that late-night and weekend travel can sometimes be challenging, and individuals might feel vulnerable or isolated. That’s where our Rail Pastors come in. They provide a reassuring presence, offering a listening ear and a helping hand to those who might need it.

How Rail Pastors Make a Difference

Our Rail Pastors are more than just volunteers – they’re everyday heroes. With their extensive training and compassionate hearts, they’re equipped to offer immediate assistance in times of need. Whether it’s a friendly chat, guidance to the right platform, or simply being there to make you feel safe, our Rail Pastors are dedicated to creating a positive impact on each traveler they encounter.

Join Our Efforts

We believe that a little kindness goes a long way. If you share our passion for spreading positivity and supporting those in our community, consider joining our Rail Pastors team. Through training, understanding, and genuine care, you’ll be part of a movement that’s changing lives, one station at a time.

Recognitions and Awards

Our Rail Pastors scheme has garnered recognition and awards for its outstanding contributions. We’re proud of the difference our volunteers are making and the sense of security they provide to those who need it.

Get in Touch

Are you curious to learn more about our Rail Pastors project or interested in joining our team of dedicated volunteers? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Paul Lewis at elion@live.co.uk and be a part of our compassionate community.

Thank you for visiting our Rail Pastors project page. Together, we’re lighting up the paths of traveler’s and fostering a sense of unity and support that extends far beyond the tracks.

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